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git diff --cached /what is about to be committed git status brief summary of the situation with git log At any point you can view the history of your changes usingggit log -pit log -p

git log -pIf you also want to see complete diffs at each step, use

git log --stat --summaryOften the overview of the change is useful to get a feel of each step:w

remove wrongly commited large files ➜ my_project git:(master) ✗ git filter-branch --tree-filter 'rm -rf site_media/help' HEAD Rewrite 22d1cead6a67d68939da2eef48c5372b36651a5c (70/70) Ref 'refs/heads/master' was rewritten

restore deleted uncommited file git status git checkout -- filename

The output tells you what you need to do. git reset HEAD etc.

This will unstage the rm operation. After that, running a git status again will tell you that you need to do a git checkout -- to get the file back.

Update: I have this in my config file

$ git config alias.unstage reset HEAD which I usually use to unstage stuff.


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